VenusBlood FRONTIER International (PC) – Steam Gift – EUROPE 25% Off

VenusBlood FRONTIER International (PC) – Steam Gift – EUROPE

Building the World
A big battle between the gods and the devils once was taking place. This war was believed to bring mankind to the point of extinction, believed as the Ragnarok war.

The living human beings have been protected and remain on the floating continent of Yggdrasil, under the guidance of goddesses.

Several years later, the protagonist Loki and four other royal heirs are planning to attack Yggdrasil and combat the Dark Lord ‘s throne.



The World, dubbed the “floating Yggdrasil World,” is often viewed as a floating miniature garden for the gods. This is a place where the people who escaped the great battle remain, the land nearest to the kingdom of the gods. This was said to his descendants by the Dark Lord surt on the continent in ps2 isos :

“The one who gives me the Heart of Yggdrasil said that the goddesses on the Yggdrasil Floating Globe will be heir to my throne. As long as you have your hands on the Yggrasil Heart, I won’t doubt your tactics or your past transgressions.

The heirs of Surt, each of them inspired by its own, started to conquer the floating continent of Yggdrasil when they heard those words. Among them, Loki, a demon noble ostracised, has also agreed to take part in an extended throne war

You stand up and at the top of each devil, to become the Dark Lord. He has no excuse to not engage in the corrupting of the goddesses who they claimed to be as lovely and as graceful as a flower in complete flora.

5 attacking angels, 5 battle goddesses. All the pieces were lost. All he has to do is wager his very life in this battle and struggle. Loki’s own creativity is beautifully blazing on a world trapped in a whirlpool of uncertainty and ambiti.
Functions in gaming
Composition of the forces
Create your own units, construct armies with special synergies that can conquer your adversaries!

Create teams of up to 6 units with different skills, so that you can easily form teams that are customised to your needs.

Investment foundation
Take full advantage of and expand your conquered lands!

Food processing and resource management are critical aspects holding the military going.
Develop buildings on conquered territories according to your army ‘s needs, whether it be money, food, technology , energy or even a training ground for your soldiers. you can easily buy in oceantogames

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