Custom Neon Signs

Custom neon signs have become very popular lately for businesses, restaurants, and shops. Each custom LED or custom neon sign comes with; mounting brackets, cables, mounting brackets, and/or hooks, an LED light, and an adhesive backing for the mounting brackets and cable. All custom neon signs come in and are manufactured within the US.

Due to their fragile nature, only neon signs can be shipped internationally and only to the United States and Canada. If you are shipping any of the different types of signs to an international location, it is important to know that most of the time, the wires that are used to connect the sign to the mounting brackets will not be suitable for shipping in many instances. Additionally, some of the smaller lights used to make the custom signs, like the ones on the ceiling and on the tables at the counter top will not work in some countries. Some places will not accept the lights for their purposes if they do not have the proper specifications for the light, so make sure you include this information in the order that your order is being shipped.

When you are looking at the different custom signs that are available, it is also important to know that the color that they use will vary from sign to sign. Some neon signs have black lights with white letters, while others use white lights with black letters. The letters also come in many colors, including; white letters with yellow accents, yellow letters with red accents, and red letters with yellow accents. Another thing to note about these custom signs is that the lettering will change over the life of the sign. The lettering can change because the sign is in use for longer periods of time and the lights are constantly being replaced. This is why it is important that the sign be insured in case the lights go out and the letters are not able to be changed.