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Instagram posts that lead to conversions

Post the best work by making full use of the angle of taking a picture, sunlight and filter function

Engaging with potential customers is the most important issue in marketing. Instagram is a great platform for raising awareness and connecting to potential customers. Dream Grow, a social marketing media, shows you how to make the best posts in terms of conversions.

In order to connect Instagram posts to purchasing behavior, you need to make posts that will leave a lasting impression on your viewers, regardless of the product. As a professional photographer posting on Instagram, it’s a good idea to stick to the angle at which the product is taken to take a picture. Instead of processing the image, you can add a story to the photo by using sunlight well. You may also be able to edit your photos and videos to make them more attractive by using the filter function in your corporate account. In particular, it is known that young users tend to prefer interesting and funny filters.

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Use captions, hashtags, and CTA to boost conversions

Since it is difficult to convey the whole product with just a photo, write a good introductory text in the caption that connects the product and the viewer. Also, the use of hashtags has already become commonplace. Just add the commonly used hashtags and they will be visible to more users. Choose the one that fits your context well, and don’t add more than five.

CTA (Call to Action) has the effect of increasing the accuracy of conversions. Get the attention of your prospects and encourage them to buy. It is expected that a button that is not intrusive and leads to action in short words will be a good CTA.

Collaboration with influencers is indispensable

Instagram is also popular among celebrities and influencers. If you can collaborate with them, you can expect a big impact on the company. Well-known brands are using this technique to build relationships with influencers. Influencers give credit to brands and drive users’ purchases.

Instagram stories are only displayed for 24 hours and are a feature introduced to capture that moment. In Instagram, where 300 million users post every day, the story feature has become the driving force behind app trends. Take full advantage of this new feature to increase brand awareness and lead to conversions.

You can’t increase conversions just by posting. You need the skills to create creative photos and videos with a good plan for the content and amount of content and the target audience.

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