Best Hire a Car in Islamabad

Islamabad rent a car rental service offers you a hassle free, comfortable and convenient way to travel around the city. Owning the extensive network of well maintained and modern cars for hire in Islamabad, to cater eminent visitors. Offer cars of various types and capacities that include economy cars and sports utility vehicles (SUV). Major types of cars for hire in Islamabad are detailed below. All of them are readily available at reasonable rates.

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The best suited type of car for Islamabad rent a car is the Prado. These cars are well known for their luxury and comfort. It is highly preferred by tourists. This is because of its spacious interior and great comfort. These cars are available in various colors and designs and are available in both new and used models. They also have an upgraded audio system and LCD screen in these cars. This makes it ideal to drive around in.

One of the most popular options for Islamabad rent a Prado car is the Eclipse. This is a compact and luxurious four-door sedan. It has roomy interiors with leather seats, CD player, and a full LCD screen. It also comes with a sunroof and moonroof. This car is equipped with two USB ports, a DVD player and a radio. Other features of this car are an alarm system, keyless remote, leather wrapped steering wheel, air conditioner, navigation system, iPod hookup, rain gauge, CD/DVD, navigation system, CD changer and MP3 players. It also has a five-point safety belt, anti-lock brakes and airbags.

For a city like Islamabad, it makes sense to hire a double Decker. The double-decker is a spacious four-door luxury car with a rear seating that can accommodate two people. This car has a stylish appearance and is spacious enough to accommodate your luggage, books, shoes and accessories. It also has a front trunk that is equipped with a glove compartment. A large glove compartment with sufficient storage space is found on this car. The front trunk also has enough space for carrying a laptop computer.

An affordable option for the masses is the Rickshaw. This is the public transportation vehicle in Pakistan. These rickshaws are small in size and can be found everywhere. They are easily accessible from major roads like Islamabad city center and many other parts of the country.

With a little search, you can easily find a comfortable car of your choice in Islamabad. With the above mentioned services, your visit to Islamabad will be a pleasant experience.

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