Andrew Dice Clay Causes a Boycott

Cast member Nora Dunn refused to seem on the May 1990 episode Clay hosted thanks to his allegedly misogynistic jokes. Viewers joined in her outrage, and Sinéad O’Connor boycotted after initially agreeing to be the musical guest.

“As writers, we went into work knowing that Dice wasn’t getting to do whatever he wanted, he was getting to do what we wrote for him. Simple as that,” writer Christine Zander told Vulture in September 2015. “To think that having him host would allow him to try to his offensive stage character on the show was absurd.”

Sinéad O’Connor Tears Up an image of the Pope

The singer courted controversy all her own in October 1992 when she unexpectedly ripped up a photograph of Pope John Paul II and declared, “Fight the important enemy!” Her efforts to shed light on sexual assault within the Roman Catholic Church led to a backlash from viewers. The religionist acknowledged the abuse in 2001 and apologized to his followers. Here You can Read Celebrity News On

“Understandably, the American people didn’t know what I used to be happening about,” O’Connor told Salon in 2002. “But outside of America, people did know and it had been quite supported and that I think alright understood.”

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